The Cabin in the Woods- Lay bare a truth of ghost and principle of fear


The Cabin in the Woods- Lay bare a truth of ghost and principle of fear





캐빈인더우즈 The Cabin in the Woods3


On the basis that it is almost impossible for ordinary people to correctly interpret this horror movie contains the meaning of the cabin in the woods. So, what the hell is The Cabin in the Wood is about?



 Once, before I snap into the review of The Cabin in the woods, I would like to let you know that this article is a full of a hypothesis caused by writer’s imaginations. If you take this article truthfully it will become the truth or if you take this article as a bluff, this will be an absurd story. You can judge whatever the way you feel! Contains spoiler!


 Firstly the core contents of the movie ‘The Cabin in the Woods’is the 3 materials. First, it is a Dulce Station which is US underground secret base, second, a Nightmare hall and the story about the reason and principles of why people are having nightmare and for the third, it is story about ‘fear’.


 The beginning of the movie ‘The Cabin in the Woods’ is ordinary. The good looking university students, which is a popular set-up on the foreign horror movie, go to the camping trip to cabin in the wood.


Of course the movie implicates that something serious is going to happen in the beginning of the film by showing an eagle burnt to death by an electric barrier when it approaches to the local area.




캐빈인더우즈 The Cabin in the Woods22



When Curt, Julie and 5 of the other ordinary students have arrived in the cabin, the people inside the Dulce Station in the basement is proceeding to prepare for religious service in earnest to offer a sacrifice.


They were even betting against each other which monster the students are going to choose between the various kinds of monsters they have prepared for sacrifice.


They seem to be hunting people is something fun to do. Of course even they offer the living people as a sacrifice, they have their own justification for not to feel guilty in their moral life and feel confident. Let’s talk about this later.


Anyway for some reason, these 5 of university students become to the designed sacrifice by people in Dulce Station against their will.


The given choice for 5 of the uni students was only to choose by which monster they were going to be killed. They found an ancient book in the basement and started to read it. But they could not be imagined what they did was choosing a monster which is going to kill them.



캐빈인더우즈 The Cabin in the Woods20


From this moment, the zombie family started to move for hunting for those 5 of the sacrifices and they become to be chased by the zombies. Then, as expected, they were hunted one by one but there are the survivors till the end, because of that, the story has an unexpected turn around. 


Well then, let’s find out about Dulce station first. Dulce station is an extensively constructed US underground basement; Area 51 of US was at the head of it.



캐빈인더우즈 The Cabin in the Woods30



It is told to be there is a different level on every floor in Dulce station. The main tasks of this station are to produce the antigravity airship or having occupied area for the aliens or having a medical experiment on living body or the genetic experiment.


It will help you to learn more about Dulce station if you look up on the internet and read an article which interviewed with Thomas AdwinCastello who actually used to work at Dulce station and escaped.


There is a ‘Nightmare hall’ in Dulce station as you can see in the film. There are all sorts of the ghosts and monsters you usually have seen from the movies or TV, locked in the nightmare hall.


The two main characters who survived till the end passed the nightmare hall, the monsters that appear on the film ‘The Cabin in the Woods’is only the tip of the iceberg. It is told to be that there are actually a lot more ghosts and monsters exist in the Nightmare hall of Dulce station.



캐빈인더우즈 The Cabin in the Woods14



Well then, you will have the questions why there is Nightmare hall and why the monsters areare locked inside.


The Nightmare hall, to make a long story short, it is a place where to make people to have a nightmare. By using the specific frequency they put the ghost or monster inside the dream when people are sleeping.


They put the image of the monster in certain area with a specific frequency and they are working on different area with using different frequencies every day. When people are having nightmare, it is usually when they see the ghost or a monster in their dream. Probably everyone would have this experience with nightmare.


Would you like to ask why the Nightmare hall is necessary and why there are the actual ghost and monsters which only make people to have a nightmare?


When people see the virtual image even when they are dreaming, people can feel that it is not real subtly by energy, they created all sorts of ghosts and monsters by manipulated DNA and locked them inside the Nightmare hall, then shoot their image by the frequency to the unconsciousness to dream about them when people are sleeping.



캐빈인더우즈 The Cabin in the Woods29



They have their own reason to make people to have a nightmare artificially by activating the Nightmare hall. It is to dominate human’s unconsciousness. The people have much bigger unconsciousness area than consciousness area.


You can say when the consciousness is called as a Memory, and thenunconsciousness can be called as a hard desk.


But the most of people are made into the structure that human reality is designated from the unconsciousness, so they are doing such thing like this to dominate human’s unconsciousness to create the reality with their own intentions.


By consistently putting the image of ghost or monster to the unconsciousness and create the emotion of ‘fear’, people realize these ghost by themselves in their reality from their unconsciousness. The Nightmare hall only provides a sort of the first seed image.


You can say that human are creating themselves rest of the ghost, monster and fear. Also there is a limitation with shooting the image to unconsciousness.


People can realize it is something they have created by themselves if the same thing happens for bunch of times, by shooting the frequency day and night, and sometimes even in the reality, people could see the ghost or monster like they are existing in real life.



캐빈인더우즈 The Cabin in the Woods6



Then the fear reaches to the climax when people face the ghost in their real life, once they saw it in the nightmare before. But their image cannot be realized everywhere in the real life.


There are several places on earth where the sort of energy can be transmitted and received. Only with limited region, the ghosts can be realized in the real life, because they need energy.


Also on the other way, the places where is the send-receive stations are the places where they have to maintain under the secret, therefore there is an aspect by letting people to see the ghost sometimes in their real life not to make people to come closer. 


By realizing the ghost in one’s real life, a person who saw a ghost is going to tell people around him or her. Then people are going to be deluded that the ghost is something not only exists inside the dream but exists in the real life too.


Therefore it can be seen that sometimes they shoot the image of ghost or monster in the real life too.



캐빈인더우즈 The Cabin in the Woods17



And thirdly, when people usually feel the fear, the part of human brain called ‘pineal gland’ is expanded and spurts out the extreme energy of blue beam.


The Reptilian (species of reptile) ruling class in Dulcestation, make people to have a night mare and absorbs the blue light energy came out from a pineal gland. This light energy is called ‘Crystal Blue’.  


The role of this light energy is used as a life energy which keeps the life for Reptilian species and also used when they are turning into the human shape, it can be seen as all-around source of energy.



It often happens that Reptilian actually kidnaps a human and gives an extreme fear and steals the crystal blue which spurts out from pineal gland.




캐빈인더우즈 The Cabin in the Woods25



They actually send the image of ghost or monster to people by frequency and make people to have a nightmare to instill fear into people’s mind. It is like planting a sort of virus inside a computer.


For the people who connected once before it is easier to be connected again in anytime. Therefore by shooting the frequency in various form, they will going to dominate the human unconsciousness.


Well then, now you’ll have a question, what is the ultimate reason for them to instill fear into people by using a Nightmare hall?


The answer is to rule people and to make them to obey. The fear has to be instilled in people’s mind so that people can feel the fear and horror in real life as well and it makes much easier to rule people.


Another reason is for human to accept the death. Normally to people, there is no mechanism of death like now. Maybe you will find hard to understand this part. But it is true. Please refer to the video below for this part. (insert video)




There are a lot of possibilities to have an error on the cycle of birth system if human do not accept the death. Then people will believe that it is natural for human to die.


The death in nowadays is a learned death which educated people to accept the death. Normally human never die. The death of body does not mean that everything is dying.


Also disposing the human’s soul gets simple after human accepts the death. After the concept of death has established and by using this fact that the fear for the death is created the inner side of the human, it gets easier to control people and rule them.


Then to give one classic example that they are dominating the unconsciousness and controlling people is a trend. Our people face the different trend every year without knowing the reason. Now it is accepted as a very natural phenomenon. But actually, the trend is manipulated.




캐빈인더우즈 The Cabin in the Woods24




Firstly, after they started to control people’s unconsciousness, they shoot the image of the color or a style which they are planning to make trendy, to people’s unconsciousness. They are instilling these images into the unconsciousness.


After that, they start to produce the image products in quantities through the global fashion enterprises, etc, which are under their control. And then, starting the advertisement through the journal or media, because it was an image already instilled to the people around the world’s unconsciousness, they are attracted to the product unwittingly and end up purchasing it.


It can be seen that they are deeply intervened in human life like this. Other than the case like this, such as mass psychology or the group phenomenon which it was just hard to understand, have very high possibility that it is related to them.


Go back to the movie of ‘The Cabin in the Wood’, the people in Dulce station in the film, they have their own justification, like I have mentioned above, even they are hunting the living and ordinary people to offer a sacrifice but still make a bet and give a toast to each other.


Those doubts are also shown in the film by the question from a new black employee whom has not joined to the Dulce station for so long. For the general situation, the black man’s asking question is reasonable, but for them, his question was very weird and they took it as he does not know anything.



캐빈인더우즈 The Cabin in the Woods16



The justification that people in Dulce station make, is they are performing the ancestral rite to the ancient gods. If they do not perform the ancestral rite every year, gods will be in a great fury and whole world will be collapsed.


They were justified and believe that they are making a right choice to sacrifice just 5 people and save everyone also keep the earth safe rather than the whole earth gets collapsed.


Well now, they just mentioned the ancient gods but do not say exactly who they are. The ancient gods they are mentioning are the astronauts called ‘Anunnaki’. Long time before human are created, Enki, known as God to Christians and his air fighters Anunnaki, are expressed as ancient gods in the film.


About Anunnaki and Enki, there are massive data on google if you search the word ‘Anunnaki’. Refer to these data for details.


Enki and Anunnaki, Adam and Eve and Garden of Eden, also the strong epopee leads to Mesopotamia Civilization will be discussed deeply next time with a different film.


Coming back to the movie, the main characters found out that there is a secret tunnel under the cabin and they get on the elevator which goes inside the Dulce station. It was the Nightmare hall they have faced in the first place. And they show the ghost in Nightmare hall one by one.



캐빈인더우즈 The Cabin in the Woods19



As they become unsealed, the Dulce station is held with feast of blood. The audience will feel the odd catharsis from this scene.


As unsealing the ghost and monsters in Nightmare hall, the director is making a revenge indirectly to people in Dulce station by showing the feast of blood. The end of ‘The cabin in the woods’ can be seen as a director’s sense of humor.



캐빈인더우즈 The Cabin in the Woods11



Also the director wants to send the message to the audience that the Dulce station does exists, what is happening there, especially what is a Nightmare hall and what they can do to you etc.


Also the director is showing the right way to handle the ghost from Nightmare hall for people and suggesting the answer for ghost eradication by showing the Japanese girls in the film, how they send a lady ghost to the heaven untidily because they felt sorry for her.



캐빈인더우즈 The Cabin in the Woods18



In other word, whether we feel the fear or not, all of the ghosts are just the copied image from the nightmare hall. So do not be scared, the ghosts lose the power when you treat them with sympathy and love.


Therefore the core message is that you should not feel the fear so your unconsciousness will not be eaten and controlled. I hope for all of the people who read this article to recover your own unconsciousness so no one can control it.



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